Jul 23

Changes for 0.8.7

  • added an export to PDF in the error search section
  • added time zone selection in the timetable section
  • Jul 07

    I did a small update which maybe solve the reported error of a not excisting folder

    Jul 01

    I just updated ACA2017 and the Light version to support the addon.xml structure for P3D v4

    Jun 30

    I just released new versions of ACA2017 and ACA2017 Light which added support for Prepar3D v4

    You can find the downloads on the download page 🙂

    Jan 10

    Not everyone has a Paypal account, but you still can do a donation with PayPal without having a PayPal account.

    Just follow the steps below.

    1. Click on the PayPal “Donate” button or link.
    2. Look on the left side of the donation page. Click on the “Continue” link under the phrase “Don’t have a PayPal Account?”
    3. Enter the amount you wish to donate into the box on the top of the screen.
    4. Fill out the form below with your country, name and credit card information. (not all information is needed)
    5. Click on the “Review Donation and Continue” button on the bottom of the screen to confirm and complete your transaction.
    preload preload preload