Mar 19

I just released ACA2017 Light.

This version comes with FS9, FSX, prepar3D v2 and prepar3D v3 support.

You can download it from the download page

Mar 01

This version adds support for P3D 2.5

Jan 10

This version solves a bug with DDS textures.

You can download the new version at the downlaod page

Apr 29

After a long time there is an update of the AITA program.
This version supports FS9, FSX and P3D as long as FSUIPC is installed.

It will show you the air and ground traffic in a 40 miles radius (or less) around the user aircraft.

You can see the traffic as a list or on a radar screen. It can color the different aircraft according to their behaviour and/or destination.



You can get the setup on the download page

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Jan 27

ACA-2013 v 0.6.3 was just released.

This version solves a major bug in the renumbering of the fltsim sections feature.

There was a report that while renumbering the last line of the aircraft.cfg file was read, but not written back to the new cfg file, resulting is a missing line.

So please check your cfg files for missing lines.

I also added a version backup, every time you use this fucntion a new backup file is created, so an old backup is not overwritten.

You can find the new version in the download page

Jan 14

This one just replaces the 0.6.2 version as something went wrong with the distribution.

After installing must show the version correctly.

Jan 12


Jan 10

This release fixes anoither error with the model search

Also the amximum flsim sections supoorted is changed from 500 to 999

Jan 07

This releases fixes some reported errors

– fixed the renumbering of the fltsim sections where it did tried to open the wrong folder.
– fixed the error search for models when there are subfolders specified for the model= line
– added a button in the ribbon under Help to go the my website 🙂

Please remove the old first first in the control panel.

Dec 09

With this new release support for Prepar3D v2 is added to ACA-2013.

Also some minor bugs has been fixed.

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