Dec 24

Just to give you a peak into ACA2010
Its not a complete version yet, it only show you the aircraft/textures, you can edit the fltsim sections and delete them and you can have a view of the traffic files.

Not to forget FS9 and FSX support is build in 🙂

And Skin support 🙂 (click a screen for a better view)aca2010_1

This is ACA2010 in FS9 mode with the default skin showing the airlines present.

aca2010_2This is the ‘Christmas skin’ showing the contents of a traffic file.

Stay tuned, maybe i will release an early version as a preview version.

Oct 18

This small program checks/converts flight plans made for FS9 for the existence of airports which are not anymore in FSX or has been changed. It can convert all your traffic BGL files at once. The resulting BGL file is still in the FS2004 format. Read more

Oct 18

ACA2007 Light is only a simple and fast error scanner for your aircraft.cfg files like the error scanner that is present in the MRAI Setup wizard. Read more

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