AIFPC- AI FlightPlan Compiler/Decompiler V2010 released

AIFPC is a program for compiling and decompiling flight plans in the TTools txt format to the native BGL format used by FS9 or FSX or back from the BGL files back to TTools format files.

The main difference between the FS9 and FSX BGL files is the way the times are stored. Although FS9 BGL files work in FSX you cannot use FS9 and FSX BGL files at the same time in FSX.  FSX BGL files do not work in FS9

Another difference between  FS9 and FSX is the numbering of the days. In FS9 the week starts on Sunday which has the number 0. In FSX the week starts on Monday with the number 0. So when using FS9 compiled flight plans there is a shift in the days. Flights who would departure on Sunday in FS9 will departure on Monday in FSX.

For this AIFPC has the possibility to renumber the days when compiling the flight plan.

To distinguish between the different BGL files AIFPC can automatically add FS9 or FSX to the end of the BGL file name.

Another feature is the possibility to batch compile/decompile flight plans. Just select more than one file in the selection window to do a batch compile or decompile.

AIFPC can be downloaded from the download page.