ACA2007 Light Documentation

ACA2007 Light


ACA2007 Light is only a simple and fast error scanner for your aircraft.cfg files like the error scanner that is present in the MRAI Setup wizard. At first startup the scanner tries to find your FS2004 and FSX installations. If not found you can enter the location by yourself.

For FS2004 it will scan the aircraft folder.

For FSX it will scan all SimObjectPaths entries in your FSX.cfg files.


Select the SFS version you want to scan and start the scan by clicking on the ‘Scan for Error’ button.
It will go through all the aircraft.cfg files in the directories pointed above.


If errors are found they will be displayed in a text box. You can eventually save this to a file.

ACA2007 Light will find only the following errors:

  • Empty sim line in the aircraft.cfg [AIR file missing in fltsim section]

  • Air file not present in the aircraft map [AIR file missing]

  • model map listed in the cfg file not found [missing model map]

  • no MDL file present in model map [missing model file]

  • texture map listed in cfg file not found [missing texture map]

  • no BMP files found in texture map [missing texture files]

  • The present of duplicate titles. These must be unique in FS

  • Errors in the numbers of the fltsim section.


If you want more errors scans or want to edit the aircraft.cfg file directly you can use the free pro version ACA2005.
See its documentation for more details.


A view steps need to be done:

1.         You need to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed

2.         Copy the files in the zip file to a directory of your choice

3.         Just double click ACA2007 Light to execute program

ACA2007 Light with FS2004 and FSX

Reporting problems and ideas

If you have problems with ACA2007 Light or has some ideas for improvement then you can contact me at:


My thanks to the beta testers for testing this program and for their ideas to improve it.


ACA2007 Light, and this document are copyright © 2006 Peter van der Veen.

ACA2007 Light and this document are freeware and may not be distributed for commercial purposes or posted in the public domain without the author’s consent.

This software is provided ‘as is’, and usage of it is the responsibility of the user. I accept no responsibility for any damage this program might cause.

ACA2007 Light may not be distributed for commercial purposes ON CD OR ANY MEDIUM FOR ANY KIND OF FEE, INCLUDING THE COST OF PRODUCTION, MATERIALS OR POSTAGE or posted in the public domain without the author’s consent.