Jan 12


Jan 10

This release fixes anoither error with the model search

Also the amximum flsim sections supoorted is changed from 500 to 999

Jan 07

This releases fixes some reported errors

– fixed the renumbering of the fltsim sections where it did tried to open the wrong folder.
– fixed the error search for models when there are subfolders specified for the model= line
– added a button in the ribbon under Help to go the my website 🙂

Please remove the old first first in the control panel.

Dec 09

With this new release support for Prepar3D v2 is added to ACA-2013.

Also some minor bugs has been fixed.

Nov 15

I just released version 0.5.3

It has some small updates in the scanning process.
Also it will show in error search which folders are being processed

You can found the new version in the download page.

Sep 13

After some small adjustments i decided to share ACA-2013 as it is now.
It’s not completed with all the functions of ACA2005, but one can work with it.
There is no documentation yet.
It support FS9 and FSX, one can easy switch between the versions and it can do some error searches and can convert FS9 BGL files to FSX.

If you want to have a look just goto the download page or click HERE.


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Feb 24

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Feb 21

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