Nov 15

I just released version 0.5.3

It has some small updates in the scanning process.
Also it will show in error search which folders are being processed

You can found the new version in the download page.

Sep 13

After some small adjustments i decided to share ACA-2013 as it is now.
It’s not completed with all the functions of ACA2005, but one can work with it.
There is no documentation yet.
It support FS9 and FSX, one can easy switch between the versions and it can do some error searches and can convert FS9 BGL files to FSX.

If you want to have a look just goto the download page or click HERE.


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Feb 24

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Download Video

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Feb 22

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Feb 22

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Feb 21

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Feb 10

This solves an error introduced in the previous update for FSX.

Feb 08

I just updated ACA2007 Light.

It adresses an error that sometimes occured with mixed use of uppercase characters in the word ‘Fltsim’.

This should be solved now.

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Feb 14

This update fixes a bug in the ‘Duplicate Title’ search.

There were some reports that the startup scan of ACA2005 found a duplicate title while the error scan didn’t find one.

It was found that the startup scan found titles in which there were upper or lower case character differences in the titles, whilst the error scan did not take that in account.

This is fixed now and the error scan should also find these duplicate titles.

Jan 30

This update fixes two bugs.

  • There was a bug in the error search routine for the *.air file. In some cases it did not report an error while the air file was missing.
  • In some cases the Timetable did not find the corresponding Callsign/Airline name and left that part blank in the list.

Have fun with it, and if you like the program, maybe consider a donation.

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