Jan 10

Not everyone has a Paypal account, but you still can do a donation with PayPal without having a PayPal account.

Just follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the PayPal “Donate” button or link.
  2. Look on the left side of the donation page. Click on the “Continue” link under the phrase “Don’t have a PayPal Account?”
  3. Enter the amount you wish to donate into the box on the top of the screen.
  4. Fill out the form below with your country, name and credit card information. (not all information is needed)
  5. Click on the “Review Donation and Continue” button on the bottom of the screen to confirm and complete your transaction.
Jan 05

AIFPC is a program for compiling and decompiling flight plans in the TTools txt format to the native BGL format used by FS9 or FSX or back from the BGL files back to TTools format files.

The main difference between the FS9 and FSX BGL files is the way the times are stored. Although FS9 BGL files work in FSX you cannot use FS9 and FSX BGL files at the same time in FSX.Β  FSX BGL files do not work in FS9

Another difference betweenΒ  FS9 and FSX is the numbering of the days. In FS9 the week starts on Sunday which has the number 0. In FSX the week starts on Monday with the number 0. So when using FS9 compiled flight plans there is a shift in the days. Flights who would departure on Sunday in FS9 will departure on Monday in FSX.

For this AIFPC has the possibility to renumber the days when compiling the flight plan.

To distinguish between the different BGL files AIFPC can automatically add FS9 or FSX to the end of the BGL file name.

Another feature is the possibility to batch compile/decompile flight plans. Just select more than one file in the selection window to do a batch compile or decompile.

AIFPC can be downloaded from the download page.

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Dec 24

Just to give you a peak into ACA2010
Its not a complete version yet, it only show you the aircraft/textures, you can edit the fltsim sections and delete them and you can have a view of the traffic files.

Not to forget FS9 and FSX support is build in πŸ™‚

And Skin support πŸ™‚ (click a screen for a better view)aca2010_1

This is ACA2010 in FS9 mode with the default skin showing the airlines present.

aca2010_2This is the ‘Christmas skin’ showing the contents of a traffic file.

Stay tuned, maybe i will release an early version as a preview version.

Dec 24

A small update.

The checking for new updates is not done every time you start the application but only once in a month.

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Dec 23

I just released version 1.6.3.
This versions solves some bugs in the texture search and error reporting and in the fltsim numbering error reporting.
Fltsim sections with a comment behind it where reported as an error despite the fact they where okay.

Furthermore i have solved (i hope πŸ™‚ ) the very slow menu access under Windows 7

I also have included a version check. If there is a new version available it wil notify you.
At startup if will check the AIFS website for that if it has an active Internet connection

Besides that i have added the possibility to do a donation to support the development of ACA2005/ACA2010 and my other AIFS utilities.
The development and support takes a lot of time and effort.
If you think ACA2005 and the other utilities are a valuable addition to your FS AI experience then maybe decide to do a donation.
You will only be noticed once when you start up a new version of ACA2005 for the first time.
A donation can be done via PayPal. Use the link on the top right in the main screen of ACA2005 or use the donate button on my website.


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Dec 08

Wow, two releases on one day.
This one fixes a bug in the FLTSIM error checking when there is no ending ‘]’.
Now it wil be reported in the error scan instead of just producing an RTE and stop running.

Further more i changed the About box so it shows the right version number πŸ˜›

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Dec 08

Of course there was introduced an error πŸ™‚
The associated FP textbox was not filled with the flightplan file.
Fixed now. Just redownload the file.

Dec 07

I just released version 1.6 of ACA2005. This is just a minor update but maybe it can help with the Vista/W7 X64 problems . This is the version without the 200 FLTSIM section limit. Futher changes are the fact that it will only tell you one time that there are duplicate titles and not with every duplicate it will find. You can download it from the download page HERE

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Oct 18

This small program checks/converts flight plans made for FS9 for the existence of airports which are not anymore in FSX or has been changed. It can convert all your traffic BGL files at once. The resulting BGL file is still in the FS2004 format. Read more

Oct 18

ACA2007 Light is only a simple and fast error scanner for your aircraft.cfg files like the error scanner that is present in the MRAI Setup wizard. Read more

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